AMPeak Conference Presentation

At the Asset Management Council’s AMPeak conference in Perth this week Geoff Fox of Bluefield Asset Management Services presented a case study of a “Bluefield Maintenance Evaluation” of a long distance Iron Ore hauling operation in South Australia.

Unlike other evaluation methods the Bluefield maintenance evaluation has a very clear focus on the maintenance basics;
1. Detailed and specific equipment maintenance plans.
2. Consistent and thorough maintenance execution.

The evaluation took a detailed look at the maintenance plans and identified specific, practical improvements such as adding acceptable limits to the PM check sheets.

Bluefield also looked at what gets in the way of the consistent and high quality execution of the planned maintenance work and recommended improvements to maintenance execution covering such areas as improved use of Mainpac, scheduling, condition monitoring, reliability improvement and parts management.

Bluefield is committed to providing sustainable, measurable business value and is working with the operation to implement and lock in these improvements.



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