Bluefield Asset Management – Quality (ISO9001) And Safety (AS4801) Management System Accreditation

Bluefield is proud to announce that we have recently gained ISO 9001 certification. In order to achieve this milestone, we closed some gaps in our quality management processes, which we achieved in a simple and effective manner and by maintaining our documentation to a practical level that can be easily understood. This globally recognised and third-party validated accreditation supports Bluefield’s ability to consistently provide practical services that achieve our clients business needs. It is also another demonstration of the high standards we hold for our business and our clients.

We have also attained AS 4801 certification, which is the Australian Standard for safety management. It sets out the requirements needed for an organisation to have incorporated an effective health and safety management system. This standard has strengthened our ability to ensure our people are safe as our team grows and we complete our services around the globe.

Both ISO9001 and AS 4801 were selected as the standards that we needed to achieve given our team growth over the past few years.

Most important of all, Bluefield would like to thank our team for again collaborating, as we do in all of our projects, to achieve this milestone in our journey.

Our vision for the industries in which we operate is that “Assets are managed across their lifecycle to achieve the best business bottom line outcomes and maintenance is recognised as enabling businesses to achieve superior performance“. We will continue to update our capability and quality of service delivery so that we are consistently a valuable resource for our clients to achieve this vision.



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