Bluefield European Office

Bluefield AMS opens European Office.


Monday, 20th April, 2015


Today,  Australian headquartered Asset Management Services firm, Bluefield AMS, formally opens a European office in Oulu, Finland.

Over the past two years, Bluefield AMS has been working with a number of European mining organisations to help them improve their equipment maintenance programs. Based on increasing demand and the desire to add value to the local community, Bluefield AMS has decided to open a European office.

“Our European clients have told us that Australia has such a depth of experience for Equipment Maintenance and they have responded very positively to the opportunity to have easier access to it.  Having a market for the skills is one thing but Bluefield also found the right person to head up the European office, so we decided to go for it.”  Gerard Wood, General Manager.

“I was first introduced to Bluefield AMS last year during a project in Europe and was impressed by the Bluefield team and the insights they brought with them.  They have a wealth of knowledge that I know more organisations in Europe will benefit from and when the opportunity came up to be part of this, I jumped at it.”  Antti Nikula, European General Manager.


About Bluefield AMS:

Bluefield AMS currently works with mining, oil & gas, and rail companies within the Asia Pacific, Africa, Europe, and the Americas.  The firm provides a number services including Operational Readiness, Operational Improvement, Fleet Planning & Optimisation, in order to maximise the value of assets across the life cycle of the equipment.

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