Bluefield Receives Letter Of Appreciation For Operational Readiness

The team at Bluefield are very proud to announce that we received a letter of appreciation from the COO of one of our clients in delivering our professional services with the development of their asset management program for their coal terminal operational readiness.


We welcome all feedback from our clients and we especially welcome receiving unsolicited letters like the one we received this week.

This particular project is specifically complex, large in scale and the team has been working hard to ensure our client achieves the outcomes that they need on time and on budget.

Operational readiness requires an experienced team to ensure that the transition from the project phase to the operating team is seamless and that the operations team has ownership of the outcomes.

As well as providing the right technical experience on this project Bluefield also remained flexible and open to ensure the transition to operations went very well

We look forward to continuing to deliver great work for all our clients and receive similar feedback.

Gerard Wood
General Manager (Asset Management Services)



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