Bluefield Life Cycle Modeling

Thank you, Bluefield,

It is important for PanAust to minimise the total cost of ownership while sustaining high levels of safe performance throughout our operations. Our work with Gerard Wood and his team at Bluefield aimed to build a process of economic analysis to assess the total cost of acquisition and ownership of our mobile assets. To do this we needed to be able to make informed business decisions to optimise the performance of our mining assets, identify cash flow and have a long term view to enable these critical decisions to be planned. We were thrilled when our partnership with the Bluefield team was able to build and implement a Life Cycle Management (LCM) program that resulted in immediate and significant cost savings before we had even completed the project. The LCM program is now part of what we do at PanAust and has delivered results that were beyond our expectations in terms of real cost savings and the speed with which we were able to accomplish our goal. What we appreciated most about working with Gerard and his team at Bluefield was their ability to cut through the perceived complications of an LCM program by using simple systems and processes, challenging and engaging our people, and delivering the expected results, plus, plus.


Adrian Bancilhon,

Group Maintenance Advisor, PanAust Limited